Ensuring the Sustainability of an Ecotourism Product

In the third and final DestiMED PLUS Training for Pilot Actions took place between between the 8th and 29th October 2020.

The module provided an understanding of the importance of measuring and evidencing the sustainability of an ecotourism product and how this contributes to improving the impact of tourism in destinations.  

The third and final module within the DestiMED PLUS training for pilot actions was focused on the MEET standard for ecotourism products, which includes a wide range of indicators - some of them with a complex data collection process. 

The training took place between the 8the and  29 October 2020,  with 25 trainees joining the online module. This included several individuals and organisations involved in data collection, national, regional and local authorities involved in the pilot action.

As with the other modules (Module 1 and Module 2) in the project, this training was delivered using Google Classroom and included a series of live webinars supported by readings and homework to reinforce learnings. Project partners Fundació Universitària Balmes and IUCN Med played a key role in delivering the module, alongside the support of the Global Footprint Network and E.C.O Institute of Ecology

The MEET standard and its indicators aim to give a comprehensive understanding of the impact of each ecotourism product being developed. This include a wide range of environmental, governance and socio-economic indicators, as well as indicators looking at the quality of the product. . Among those, it includes assessing the environmental impact of the product by measuring its  ecological footprint. This is done using an innovative MEET Ecological Footprint Calculator developed by the previous project DestiMED).

Pilot actions are now equipped to start collecting data from the protected area, the local tour operator and the different suppliers providing services in their packages. Data collection will take place until the end of 2020 and results will be shared in February 2021.

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