What We Do

2.1. Aim and Objectives

DestiMED PLUS aims to improve levels of integration between tourism and conservation policies through the creation of ecotourism itineraries which are developed using a collaborative approach, both locally and regionally. 

It will contribute to the Interreg MED programme objective 3.1: To enhance the development of a sustainable and responsible coastal and maritime tourism in the MED Area”. The project will support Mediterranean regions to strengthen the enabling conditions for ecotourism to thrive in their Protected Areas, capitalising on the activities implemented in DestiMED and MEET project, and other relevant sustainable tourism initiatives. The project. This aim is specified in the following objectives:

  • Improve the integration of regional tourism and conservation policies in Mediterranean Protected Areas, applying integrated planning and governance strategies;

  • Establish a holistic and integrated tool that strengthens the enabling environment for ecotourism policy and provides evidence for improving sustainability of protected area ecotourism Products;

  • Improve capacities of ecotourism stakeholders at local, regional and Mediterranean scales in integrating conservation and tourism agendas,  manage, measure, and promote ecotourism.

2.2. Project Results

Establish of a Mediterranean Ecotourism Consortium (MEC): A Mediterranean Ecotourism Consortium (MEC) gathering the regions participating in the project and, representing the interests and the political agenda of both the tourism and conservation departments will be set up.

DestiMED PLUS Standard for Ecotourism in Mediterranean PAs: This result will support Regions and related Protected Areas to holistically measure and monitor the impacts of their actions to foster ecotourism in their territories. Thus, providing decision-makers with better data to prioritise actions and policies which reduce negative impacts and increase the positive contributions of ecotourism.

Mediterranean Ecotourism Roadmap for Regional PAs: Jointly overseen by Regional Ecotourism Coordination tables (RECs), pilot actions will be implemented to test the joint coordination, planning and promotion of ecotourism products in PAs. The results from pilot actions will be synthesised into a policy road map for each region, as well as being integrated into a single Mediterranean policy document. 

Project Outputs: 

  • Upgraded Standard for Mediterranean Ecotourism products
  • Upgraded Sustainability Monitoring Online Platform for Ecotourism in Protected Areas
  • Protected Area Ecotourism Training Platform
  • 9 Local Ecotourism Clusters
  • 9 Regional Ecotourism Coordination Tables (RECs)